Types of Demonstrators

What is SO awesome is that Stampin’ UP! allows you to have your business YOUR WAY. All the way from being a HOBBY demonstrator to being a CAREER demonstrator and everything in between. Keep this in mind.

A. SMART SHOPPER – You LOVE discounts, discounts of any kind! The idea of purchasing stamps/supplies/products for your own personal use at a whopping 20% DISCOUNT and occasionally selling to your family and friends, co workers, and anyone that asks, sounds awesome to you! What a great deal.

B. FINANCIAL family BUDGET helper – You would like to contribute to the family budget by working part time, on your own time that you set for yourself to reach financial goals that would enable being home with your children, plan for a family vacation, pay off bills, make a car payment…the list could go on, but you’re wanting to help contribute to the family budget is some way.  Your way. PLUS, you get that awesome 20% discount! Not too bad.

C.  SEASONAL Demonstrator – You love making paper crafting things and you desire to work hard (hosting workshops/parties) for just a season or for a short period of time to reach a particular financial goal…whatever that is.  So, if you can make some money while working hard during specific seasons or for a short period of time to reach specific goals and then you will maintain minimum orders and sales during the remainder of the year. Last, but NOT LEAST, you get to enjoy 20% off all products (or maybe more) depending on your financial goals. Sweet stuff.

D. HOBBY Demonstrator –  You may or may not host any stamping or scrapbooking parties. You love your hobby and may occasionally host yourself a workshop (have a few friends over to make fun, cute projects) and earn a little extra money.  You might even have a group that meets regularly for a class of stamping or scrapbooking projects and earn some extra income all the while having FUN with your HOBBY! You enjoy the benefits and rewards of being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator (let’s not forget about that gold plated coupon of 20%!), you enjoy attending Stampin’ Up! events regularly and enjoy sharing with other demonstrators.

E. CAREER Demonstrator – You love Stampin’ Up! and its products, especially the value of each and every one. You love it enough to consider making a career with SU.  Perhaps you have been looking for some time to do something different than what you are doing now, or perhaps you just want to DIVE IN and make a go of it, earning an income from which your financial goals can be met.  Whatever the reason is, you see Stampin’ Up! as a viable business, working independently for yourself, doing something you absolutely enjoy and love, and sharing that love with others.  You see a long term career potential.  You see the opportunity to pursue a management role by setting financial goals to reach your earning potential.  OR perhaps, you would like to supplement your income with your traditional career, doing SU on a part time basis, to eventually leave your traditional career until you build and reach your goals.   You seek to pursue using your fun HOBBY into creating a viable business, working independently with a planned time management system so that you can GROW your business and reach financial goals you have set for yourself.

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