Happy National Coffee DAY!

Can you believe there is just about a “day” for everything these days?

THIS day is a day to celebrate the greatness, the goodness, the decadent-NESS, comfort-NESS and a “sharing-NESS” kind of day celebrating the amazing COFFEE BEAN and all of its goodness!  You may not like coffee, or even the aroma of it, but if you do, like me, then today is a GREAT day to celebrate this wonderful delicacy in life!  🙂

I LOVE coffee.  Started drinking this fine liquid drink many eons ago, right after college when I started teaching school.  My momma always drank it in a perculator coffee pot, remember those??? I would hear it “percolating” while getting ready for school each morning when I was young.  I never did try or drink it, even in high school, but took a sip or two in college because was told it would give me lots of “energy!”  (insert emoji “big eyes)”

I was hooked.  Of course, it HAD to be with lots and lots of CREAM (think powdered CoffeeMate) (yikes!) and half a lb. of sugar in my small 8 oz cup.  Drank out of styrofoam cups when on the run on the way to class.  Whaaat?  I know, I know, styrofoam is fine.  It is.  But, I LOVE drinking out of a lovely, LARGE mug or my go to, Starbucks!  If you are a coffee connoisseur like me, you know what you like and your also know what you don’t like.  It’s called a “coffee snob” and I’m fine with it. A girl that loves her coffee like me, gets this “title.”  (insert emoji with “hearts in the eyes!”

So…..when I first saw this ADORABLE coffee stamp set in the our NEW Annual catalog in April, it was a MUST HAVE, GOTTA HAVE, kind of MOMENT!  I have LOVED making all sorts of projects and cards using this sweet set that has the matching FRAMELITS!!!!!!  OH MY GOODNESS! YES.

Take a peek at just a few more cards I made along with many others, if I presented all the others you would be scrolling for days!  But, I’ll show more again soon!  Take a look.

and another!

It was so fun die cutting out all the coffee cup SIZES, there’s three and you can even make frappacinos! So cute!

Here is the BUNDLE!  You can order stamp set separately, of course.  However, you get a 10% discount ordering the bundle, and the bundle just makes it adorably cute!


Hope you enjoyed little snippets of of this great set, you don’t have to be a coffee lover to own it, perhaps you love tea, OR Apple Cider, well here is a stamp set right up your alley to share with friends!

Isn’t that SO cute, too?!  I will be posting upcoming projects using this fun, holiday set!  See, you can always use this one, if you like Apple Cider or tea!  THE COFFEE CUP framelits coordinate with this set, also!!! Isn’t that the greatest thing?!!!

Speaking of BUNDLES.  Know what the ULTIMATE BUNDLE IS?!!  Peeps, it is the $99 STARTER KIT!  YES, it is.  Do love crafting and giving your sweet, heartfelt projects to others in your life? Or perhaps you love memory keeping or home decor paper crafting along with your stamping, what ever it is you enjoy, surely you enjoy getting a DISCOUNT, right?!

Some of you place orders close to $99 and those of you that place OVER $99, see the benefits of getting a sweet little discount of 20%, plus SO many benefits that are simply awesome! The starter Kit makes perfect sense and here’s how:

  • 20% discount on ALL Stampin’ UP! everything!!!!  EVERYTHING.
  • NO SELLING ever, just use the incredible discount and enjoy crafting your heart away with NO obligation what so ever to sell!
  • $99 STARTER KIT, with $25 extra dollars in FREE product and FREE SHIPPING of your starter kit!!!
  • Once you become a demonstrator, you will receive your ID# and can start ordering right out of the chute and get 20% off all your wish list products!  It’s incredible!
  • We have private FB groups of which to share ideas and just chat crafting stuff!
  • A wealth of exceptional information at the SU website!!  Unbelievable support!
  • An opportunity to be on my Sweethearts team and I get to spoil you with free classes, free tutorials, loads of support from and from this incredible company
  • Stampin’ Up! will be celebrating its 30 YEARS anniversary next year in Orlando! You want to be there for it, with ME!  I would love to have you travel with me and we can share and giggle the weekend away sharing the love of stamping and this amazing company!

If you want to know more about this Ultimate Bundle OPPORTUNITY, I WOULD LOVE TO CHAT!

I promise you will LOVE getting a 20% on your orders! No retail!  Woo hoo!  I signed up for the discount and having so much FUN building my business and would simply love having you aboard this awesome train with me, I welcome demonstrators clear across the globe!  Want to be a Happy Shopper? C’mon, let’s get together and chat.  OVER coffee via phone or in person?!

Take care everyone, have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

As always, many hugs and thanks so very much for all your support and for shopping with me! I truly appreciate you.  Truly. All my heart.

Happy Stampin!




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  1. I’m having my coffee now and reading this! I think I’ll have another cup!

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