Hello and O’ Happy Day!

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I would like to extend a very warm “hello” to all of you who come to visit today. Each and every day I welcome you here and just know I’m waving to you from afar wherever you may be!  Get the “visual” of a very fast waving hand saying, Hello, come on in and let’s “visit” together!  Hand waving!! I’m so excited today!

Today is a special day for me and an exciting one, too. It marks the debut of my new blog, I love the format for it and I hope you do, too.  My goal is to make it easy for you to navigate through and help with what you may need or if you are just plain curious and want to be in the “know” of the latest and greatest Stampin’ Up! news! This is your place.

Maybe it’s those awesome, cute little stamps sets you might be “eyeing” or to check the clearance rack and “weekly Deals” (don’t cha just love deals when shopping?) or to check out the cool Paper Pumpkin kits that come as a surprise each month to your door!  OR to check out the latest and greatest 2015 Holiday Catalog!    Woo hoo! Check out the catalog link!  Navigating around should be easier with my new blog platform, I just love it and so happy to share with all of you folks!

Today’s card shares a similarity of my blog headline ~ I used Crumb Cake as the base 5-1/2″ X 4-1/4″ (standard A2 card), and Early Expresso card stock.  I am a big fan of anything vintage so my thoughts were to make this a bit “vintage-y.”  I used the Hardwood stamp set (it’s a large stamp) to create that fence look using Early Expresso ink. Added this to the base, then Early Expresso card stock layer and lastly the crumb cake layer.  I embossed it with the adorable Hearts embossing folder (this is so useful for many occasions like today, Valentine’s, a romantic card, a sweet one to use to your children, a best friend).  I put that piece into the folder, ran it through the Big Shot boy and voila!  I used the 1-1/4″ Burlap ribbon, a beautiful ribbon, cut it in half with my awesome craft scissors (these will make your heart go pitter patter, they cut SO smooth and easy) and then I pulled a couple of strings to “ravel” it.  Did you see that?   I used the string part I unraveled to tie a sweet little bow and placed it on my punched out HEART in turquoise card stock to give it a “special” touch and keep that “vintage-y” feel!

I wanted to say “hello” to all of you using the awesome Greetings Thinlits (#138275) to give my card a fun stand out and shout “Hello”!  These THINLITS greetings just pack a real special look to cards and memory keeping pages.  Check them out.    I placed a thin strip of early expresso card stock on top of the burlap ribbon to give my “hello” a pop of interest. My heart was placed with those great little dimensionals we have ~  to give some dimension to that cute little heart. DKD wm.IMG_774401
I don’t think we can ever have TOO many “hello” cards to send out to let someone special know we are thinking of them today and just to say “hello!” and see how they are.   This sweet little thinlit sure makes it easy to showcase your sentimental thought, don’t you think?     You could make up several all at one time in different colors and then keep on hand.  It’s so nice in person, quite lovely. I placed mine a wee bit staggered to keep with the rustic, informal look.  I love turquoise and it’s on my signature header above, so I had to use it.  Had to.

I am so excited if you were one of the ones to stop by today and see my new blog! I’m quite excited for it and I have a few special people to thank.  It’s been a long time comin’ to say the least!     Come back again soon and see exactly who they may be!  But, always know that I thank each and every one of you for your visits and hope I can inspire you be creative, in whatever you choose, we ALL are in one way or the other.  So, if you’re a seasoned stamper, paper crafter, memory keeper or a “never picked up a stamp in my life” person, well….I’m here to inspire, chat, and encourage you to give it a try. It’s so easy and it is SO MUCH FUN!  Sure hope to see you soon…I have lots planned to share with you!

Have a great Friday and thanks again for visiting!!





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  1. I know only too well how much work goes into a blog and your design is impeccable. Congrats. I love today’s card . . . simple with a shabby chic edge!

    • Thanks so much, Mary. You inspire me on so many levels in this wonderful world of stamping and crafting with paper. Your inspiring comment means so very much and will keep me inspired for many posts to come! love you to the moon and back and for all you do. xo

  2. Woo hoo!! You did it!! So proud of you momma!! I love this first post, can’t wait for you to show off your amazing talent! 🙂

    • Thank you to the SWEETEST, KINDEST, MOST ADORABLE daughter in the whole wide world! Boy, I finally did it. Thank you for over the past year and half of lending a caring “ear” of listening of me always “working on my blog” days…there were many. How many times did you have to hear that????? You were always so kind and so encouraging and you are so adorable. I love you more than words could ever say as you know, thank you for your excitement for me whenever I made an “accomplishment” with the computer and its functionality. haha! We’ve had some laughs over what I thought I knew I was doing when in actuality it was something way different. Thank you for your help in clarifying things in that department! ha!! Oh my goodness. I hope to inspire you as the days pass here, but you are the crafty, creative one! I love you more than chocolate, and you know my love of chocolate (smile), your sweet, gentle encouragement and advice has gotten me to this incredible place! Thanks so much…love you, sweet girl.

  3. Yippee!!!! You’ve done it! You’ve taken the plunge! There’s no turning back now! Congrats on your first post, and such a lovely card!!!

    • Nicole Watt!! Can you believed it? I’ve taken the plunge and I am ready to start the journey! No turning back, I’m in it to win it! By that, I will conquer computer/blogging/WordPress gremlins, I feel so much more confident now, so much so with yours and Brian’s blog system assistance. Wow, what a team you two are! I’ve thanked you guys a million times over and I will say it again, thank you SO very much for all your help, guidance, suggestions, and excellent customer service. Thanks for stopping in ~ your comment is very inspiring!

  4. Congrats Debbie ! I am so excited for you and I am looking forward to seeing many more posts!

    • HI Ginger!! Thank you so much for your congrats! I did it! What a sweetie to stop by and leave your kind comment. Thank you for your inspiring words. You know, they really mean so much. I have always loved being with you, our chats and your stamping business achievements are so inspiring for me. I am looking forward to sharing and I hope I can keep up with the technology! ha! I will! Appreciate your stopping by yesterday here! 🙂

  5. Looks great!! So glad you finally took the plunge. I remember talking to you about it on the taxi ride to the SU Leadership Convention. Let the fun begin!!

    • Debbie Mageed, you’re awesome!! You encouraged me the minute we started our fun conversation upon meeting one another! Your kind and helpful ways of willing to help me start at Leadership when there was so many exciting things going on, you offered to “train” me with my iPad at whatever free time we had. You are an amazing person, friend, and inspiration for me. Your willingness to help right then and there will always, always be remembered in my heart. NOW, I finally did it. And I am looking forward to lots of fun as your comment says! I hope to see you sometime real soon and just know how you made a difference to me the day we first met in person. Take care, sweet friend!

  6. Hi Debbie! I love your blog. When I read it, I felt like I was sitting right next to you. The card is gorgoeus. Love your style.
    Big hugs,

    • Marlene, dear friend, how sweet to say! I will always remember our fun times at Convention sitting in “class” chatting while we were supposed to be “listening!” It was really your fault. wink wink! haha. You know the truth. I’ll leave it at that. HA! Thank you for your nice words here, it does encourage and inspire me and know how much it means to me. I hope to see you soon, Atlanta, Tucson, Dallas, Salt Lake? Big hugs back to you!

  7. Congratulations on getting your blog up and running. Love your header and the card…the shopping cart is a hoot! Wishing good things your way! 🙂


  8. Debbie, congrats on getting your blog up and running! You made great choices for color and your first card is perfect! Love it! The heart embossing was genius!

    • Thank you, adorable Patti! Your comments just make my day and days to come! I really wanted my first card to be special and while I pondered what it would be like, I just got the paper, ink and punches out and it all came together. So glad you like it, and I do LOVE that heart embossing folder, so I knew I was using it, just didn’t know in what capacity. Your kind words and your friendship mean so much. Thanks again and I hope to see you real soon!

  9. Your new blog is fabulous! Welcome to the world of blogging!

    • Thank you, Miss Ann Schach! You’re a sweetie pie! I’m just giddy that I am actually in Blog World now! There’s so much to share and create to show others because I have learned so much over the years through you and others that share their spectacular creations, tips and love. I look forward to the “world of blogging!” I want to share back and show my appreciation for the inspiration others have given me. Thanks so much and hope those beautiful pups are ready for their upcoming Championships in the near future! They’re beautiful! Take care!

  10. Your blog looks great, and I love your card!

    • Hi Sharon, thank you for stopping by and leaving your nice comment. It makes me so happy. I love turquoise, so I had to use my first card of posting with a turquoise one to go with my header. I appreciated the time you took to leave me a sweet comment, it just makes smile and I thank you so very much. Hope you have a great day and come back by again sometime!

  11. Congratulations Debbie! I am so proud of you! Your blog is wonderful just like you!

    • Sweet Paula, Paula~ Thank you so so much. I finally put my “wants” of having a blog into action! It’s been some time doing so, but I’m ready now. Lots to navigate myself through yet, but the basics are in place, I think. I’m really really so excited!! I have made the commitment to this wonderful place and look forward to sharing as others share with me through their blogs. I’m so excited for you and your new accomplishments in SU, I am the PROUD one of you! You’re the wonderful one! Thanks so much for your kind words. See you soon!

  12. Congratulations and Good Luck on your new blog. It is a future dream of mine.

    • Thank you, Nancy ~ As you know I was so nervous and yet SO excited! It really has been a dream of mine for so long and I just decided I was going to do what it takes to have one. While life happens, other things become priorities in one’s life at the spur of a moment, I just wanted it enough to learn what I needed to learn and I did it. I will forge with you ahead in encouraging you to always be thinking about starting your own and do little bits and pieces of building one. You’ll get there and I’ll be commenting on your first blog post, I will look forward to it! Thanks again!!

  13. Great card. Congratulations on getting your blog up and running. It looks awesome! 🙂

    • Gosh, what sweet words, Deborah. Thank you so so so much!! I am very happy to just have it pretty much put together now…your sweet comment really inspires me to keep it up and I will. I love creating and all things made from paper, but social media is a whole nuther’ ballgame! I will embrace it will enthusiasm and vigor! Thanks again!!

  14. Love the card and the blog! So happy for you! Now I guess it’s my turn? Lol!

    • Thank you, Kindra!! You know how we’ve talked about it and then it didn’t happen, so yes, NOW it’s your turn! There’s lots of resources to help you and, of course, Brian and Nicole at Intragrant are awesome. I will look forward in the near future to see yours. You can do it, if I can do it! 🙂

  15. Not sure how my original comment posted as a reply to Chelsea, but I meant it all the same!

  16. Debbie, I love your new blog! Good for you for doing it! Your card is awesome!

    • Mary Lou, you sweet thing you, thank you for your kind comment and encouragement. So glad you like it and hope its manageable enough to navigate through for everyone. I’m so happy it’s finally up and I can’t wait to start sharing. I just kept thinking on those “challenged more than usual” days, don’t give up! Thank you so much for stopping over to see it and for your kind comment.

  17. Sweet Debbie, your first post looks perfect. We are all proud of your efforts and creativity. Can’t wait to see many more!!!

    • dear Tommy, dear Tommy….I cannot begin to even think where to start here to express my deepest, my most heartfelt, my most grateful, my most appreciation for ALL the incredible, amazing, kind, gentle, and encouraging words of assistance in getting this precious blog put together. All the time and effort in setting up WordPress for me, pulling together links, formats, banner designs in the beginning two years ago, figuring out what I wanted while I was not completely clear in knowing what I wanted. You have more patience than any one person I have ever known and living this long, I’ve known many. You were always there. A text, an email, in person sitting at my computer trying to “show me” HOW to do things, you are my treasure in this awesome journey called LIFE. Thanks so much for all the countless hours of teaching someone that thought they could not “do computers” to someone who has the ability and confidence to know that I can now “do computers.” I love you more than chocolate, more than my SB coffee, and more than even stampin’ so know how much that is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping make this adoring blog possible. I adore it. xo forever.

  18. Everything looks beautiful…just like you!!!!

    • Windy, sweet friend, you are so sweet. Gosh, thank you…but, I’m not more beautiful than you! I just can’t believe it still that my blog is finally up and running. What a journey it has been, but my “assistants” have been terrific, it’s just been this non computerized “mind” of mine that has been the challenge. It’s here now and I am so excited for the journey to come. See you soon!!! and thank you.

  19. Card is stunning and your blog looks FABULOUS! So happy and excited for you, Debbie!

    • Oh Tricia, thank you, thank you! Your words just made me smile so big! I am so excited to do this blog, you have no idea, but I’ve got lots more tech learning to do. So glad you liked my card, it’s funny how once you get started the putting this and the that together to make a card, it just evolves into creativity on a whim. 🙂 So happy for your comment, thank you again! Hope to see you soon!

  20. Dang, I wanted to be your first comment!! Your blog looks awesome and this card is gorgeous!

    • Michelle, thank you! You can be my first comment on all the other days, haha! Thanks so much, it’s been a long time comin’ for me and you have no idea how much I appreciate your comment, please know it means a lot. I have always enjoyed your comments in the PALS chat room, I feel like I know you already. : ) Thanks again for leaving one here.

  21. Woohoo! Your blog looks fabulous! Love the header and your card is perfect! Love the pop of blue with the rustic colors! Welcome to Blogdom!

    • Linda, thank you! I have lots to yet complete, but “whew” finally up the way I wanted it to go. Thank you for your sweet words here, turquoise is my favorite color and I love rustic-y things so I wanted my blog header to have a casual “feel.” I will always remember how you detested those antlers! You are so funny with your antler comments, makes me smile! Thanks for your comment, it inspires me!

  22. How exciting, Debbie! I enjoyed reading your first post. You are such a talented lady!

    • Debbie — so proud of what you’ve accomplished here! Everything is lovely… author included!

      • Deb, you’re so sweet!! Thank you so much for your comment, means
        a lot to me, you’re kind words go right back to you. You’re on fire with your business and I admire you so! Hope to see you at an event this year!! xo

    • Chelsea, thank you!!! You’re such cutie pie, thanks for hanging in on the long post. You know me by now, nothing is ever straight to the point! Hope you, Kevin and Sawyer are all well and your little guy is giving Mommy some sleep through the night now. Come back again for a “visit!” xo

    • Chels, I wrote you a reply, but it is down at the bottom of the page. I hope you see it. Thanks so much for stopping by, so sweet to comment!

  23. Beautiful card Debbie! Welcome to the blogoshere!

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